“Better Together”-Shopping Cruelty-Free & Vegan Cosmetics in Galway


As a vegan with an enduring love of make-up, it can be especially intimidating navigating one’s way through those crowded cosmetic aisles glistening with the alluring hues of iridescent, multi-colored palates, without an easily accessible guide that frankly discerns which products are vegan-friendly and which to avoid. In such instances, I have frequently found myself inadvertently obstructing throngs of impatient shoppers, as I go to make yet another quick google search for a corresponding vegan list to the brand in question.

In the context of a small Irish city such as Galway, it may appear at times that cosmetic choices for vegans are in limited supply, but I would subsequently argue that this does not have to be the case, once you learn how to shop smart that is; for instance, there are numerous cruelty free drugstore brands available in pharmacies across Galway city and county, brands with plenty of vegan options but ones which are accessible only through the internet, a process which takes a bit of time in many instances.

So, for the benefit and ease of both myself and all my fellow vegan Galwegians, I have compiled a list of largely affordable and cruelty-free cosmetic brands all available within the bounds of Galway city, along with short links to each brand’s vegan product list (Click on the brand name to access its corresponding vegan list)

…because true beauty begins with living compassionately

* As far as I know. the only cosmetic brands available in Brown Thomas, Galway that are certified cruelty-free are Charlotte Tilbury and Bare Minerals; quite shocking isn’t it!

Some other Important Resources:

Nonvegan Parent Companies:

Top Sites for Cruelty-Free & Vegan Brand lists:

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